We’ve got questions, and nerds have answers! Fuelled by a curiosity to understand the world around us – from the critters beneath our feet to the far reaches of the galaxy – Nerdin’ About is a podcast where passionate nerds tell us about their research, their interests, and what they’ve been Nerdin’ About lately. A spin-off of Nerd Nite Vancouver, a community lecture series held in a bar, Nerdin’ About is here to explore these questions with you. Music by Jay Arner. Artwork by Armin Mortazavi.

Episodes are streaming on all major podcast platforms (that we know of) and can also be found on Podbean.

Transcripts for each episode can be found at the links below:

S3 Bonus. Season Finale Bonus

S3E10. Running up that Climate Hill with Economics with Dr. Devyani Singh

S3 Bonus. Let’s Innovate with Rebecca Baron

S3E9. Wetlands: The Original Wet ‘N Wild with Dr. Alex Moore

S3E8. Who Run the World? Ants! with Aaron Fairweather

S3E7. BEARing Down on Conservation with Lauren Eckert

S3E6. Watery Dewing About Water? with Alan Shapiro

S3 Bonus. Solstice Special with Shanda Leer

S3E5. The Science of Swearing with Dr. Anne-Michelle Tessier

S3E4. Science Policy of Truth with Farah Qaiser

S3E3. Güt for your Health with Desiree Nielsen

S3E2. Raccoons Revealed with Dr. Daniel Heath Justice

S3E1. Bat Science Stories More Than Dark Nights with Dr. Cylita Guy

S2 Bonus. Nerdin’ About Live with Dr. Samantha Yammine, Kim Senklip Harvey, and Pramodh Senarath Yapa

S2 Bonus. The Life Changing Effects of a Cancer Diagnosis with Dr. Greg Bole

S2E10. Creating Accessible Places and Spaces with Marco Pasqua

S2 Bonus. Let’s Innovate with Braxton Chan

S2E9. Spice Up Your Life with Sri Lankan Cooking with Ruwanmali Samarakoon-Amunugama

S2E8. Conservation is the Bees Knees with Dr. Peter Soroye

S2E7. Misunderstanding Evolution: From Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z with Dr. Greg Bole

S2E6. LIGO Wrangles Wiggles in Spacetime with Corey Gray

S2E5. Rebranding Math: Keeping up with the KarMathians with Vanessa Vakharia

S2E4. How Are You? Virtual Health in the 21st Century with Dr. Alison Müller

S2E3. Pufferfish are the Metalheads of the Sea with Amy Liu

S2E2. ACRONYMs: Abbreviated Code Rarely Or Never Yielding Meaning with Jay Ingram

S2E1. Breast Cancer is a Drag with Dr. Shawn Hercules

Episode 16. Season One Wrap

Episode 15. The Optimistic Rat with Dr. Travis Hodges

Episode 14. The Future of Education with Sultan Rana

Bonus: Nerdin’ About ‘Broad Science’

Episode 13. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Neuroscience with Rackeb Tesfaye

Episode 12. Off the Rails at Action Park with Seth Porges

Episode 11. Beyond the Binary: Trans-Inclusive Reproductive Health with Dr. A.J. Lowik

Episode 10. Planet Hunting: You Don’t Need a License (or PhD) with Dr. Michelle Kunimoto

Episode 9. Decolonizing Theatre, One Joke at a Time with Kim Senklip Harvey

Episode 8. Quantum Stuff Swirls for Days with Pramodh Senarath Yapa

Episode 7. Forecasting for the Future: Weather and Climate Change with Johanna Wagstaffe

Episode 6. Islets in the Stream: Diabetes and How to Treat it with Dr. Krishana Sankar

Episode 5. Shark Tails: Monsters of Myth and Legend with Dr. David Shiffman

Episode 4. Pigeons are “Too Coo” for the Suburbs with Dr. Elizabeth Carlen

Episode 3. Star Wars and Lessons in Law with Thomas Harper

Episode 2. Nearsightedness and Chickens with Dr. Brittany Carr

Episode 1. Communicating About COVID with Science Sam with Dr. Samantha Yammine

The Trailer. Introducing Nerdin’ About