In our opinion, there has never been a better time to be a Nerd! Nerd Nite is an event which is currently held in over 60 cities worldwide! The formula for each Nerd Nite is pretty standard – 20 minute presentations from three presenters each night, in a laid-back environment with lots to learn, and lots to drink!

Nerd Nite has finally come to Vancouver, and is ready to rock your mid-calf to knee-high length socks! Embrace your inner nerd and come out and join us for great talks, great drinks and a great time!

About your Nerd Nite Vancouver Co-Bosses:


Originally from Manitoba, Brandon moved to Vancouver to work in visual effects and 3D animation after studying Digital Multimedia Design. In particular, he enjoys working with product and interior/exterior visualizations and character modelling and sculpting. When he doesn’t have both feet firmly planted on the ground, Brandon can be found flinging himself out of planes.



Kaylee is a passionate parasitologist in the first year of her Ph.D at the University of British Columbia. With an interest in host-parasite relationships, Kaylee’s research deals with the health risks posed by rat-associated ectoparasites (e.g. fleas), to people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Her research contributes to the ongoing Vancouver Rat Project. Kaylee completed her MSc in 2013 at the University of Alberta studying the feather mites of birds, and has contributed to Dan Savage’s “Savage Love Blog”, discussing the bizarre sexual characteristics of feather mites. Kaylee has a keen interest in outreach initiatives and has provided science outreach activities in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Yellowknife.



Michael has been an astronomy educator for over 6 years at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver, BC, and has been involved in the Vancouver arts community since graduating from the Capilano College film program in 2001. He created a one man astronomy storytelling show “Johnny Tomorrow and the Way of the Planetarium” which premiered at the 2010 Vancouver Fringe Festival and utilized the unique planetarium star theatre as a stage. “The Johnny Tomorrow Chronicles” was a sequel of sorts, that took him to various stages and festivals including a successful run at the Edmonton and Vancouver Fringe festivals in 2013. He’s been active in the improv scene with Instant Theatre, as well as his sketch comedy troupe “The Skinny” which has had numerous successes at festivals around North America. Michael also hosts the popular Biltmore Ping Pong Night which runs monthly.



As the “Co-Bosses” of Nerd Nite Vancouver, Brandon,  Kaylee, and Michael are excited to meet fellow nerds in the Vancouver area over stimulating conversation and delicious drink.

Brandon, Michael, and Kaylee at Nerd Nite Vancouver v1.0

nerd nite IMG_0105