Nerd Nite Vancouver v.19

On April 19th, join us for a drink or three while we delve into the worlds of food Japafication, the bizarre mating rituals of animals, and the who’s, what’s, and where’s of photography and love. Our last Nerd Nite was a full house so be sure to grab your tickets early.

Where: Fox Cabaret

When: Tuesday April 19th, Doors @ 7:00, Talks @ 7:30

Tickets: $6 online

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#1 What Is Love – Tales of How Comparative Photography Can Unite

Angela Fama

What do micro expressions, eye contact between mothers and babies and a travelling photo studio ’77 RV named “Debbie” have in common? Come find out and at the same time, cohesively learn how asking simple questions using modern technology as a creative tool can help to unite communities rather than separate. The concept of love has been the driving force behind the creation of some of our greatest works of art, our philosophies, and our most severe behaviours. While Webster’s dictionary defines love as “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person”, this uniform definition precludes our understanding that the human experience of love is varied. Fama drove across North America asking over 300 people what the word “love” meant to them and learned a lot more about how interconnected everything can be from the journey than expected.

Bio: A multidisciplinary photographic artist, Fama is interested in exploring the tension inherent in our collective desire for both the temporal and timeless. She is often found burrowing through the endless excess, finding substance and beauty in the overlooked or forgotten. Born in Tennessee, raised in Ontario and Zimbabwe, Fama currently lives and works out of Vancouver, BC.


#2 Dating and Mating in the Animal Kingdom

Lyndsay Fraser

Penis fencing? Choreographed dances? Traumatic insemination? And you thought dating as a human was tough! This talk delves into the wild world of animal sex, covering a wide range of weird ways that animals are doing it all over the world. Sexual selection has created the most diverse and amazing courtships, mating behaviours, and anatomy that seem like they come right out of science fiction (chances are, it’s even weirder in real life). If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering, how big would my penis be if I were a barnacle? or thinking, man I wish I could learn how to dance like a Blue-footed booby, this is going to be right up your alley.

Bio: Lyndsay Fraser is a Program Specialist at Science World, where she curates their two sustainability galleries, creates environmental education content and programs, and involves herself in all things ‘green’. Most people know her as the resident chicken whisperer, under the false impression that the majority of her job revolves around the care of Science World’s four spoiled hens (although sometimes that does seem to be largely true…). Unfortunately, she rarely ever gets to talk about weird sex at work. In her ‘free’ time, Lyndsay is working on her Master’s of Environmental Education and Communication. Her living room has a framed Turkey Vulture poster that mentions projectile vomiting, so yeah, she’s pretty rad.


#3 Japafied: Using History and Data to Invent New and Dericious Foods

Hana Etsuko Dethlefsen

From sushi to tempura to ramen, Japan has a history of importing foods from other countries and passing them off as their own. By the end of this talk, you too will be able to take any dish and make it Japanese, using a Japafication method based on data, history, and three basic culinary prompts.

Bio: If Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain had a slightly Japanese-looking love-child, Hana Etsuko Dethlefsen would be it. After convincing her Master’s thesis advisor that writing a Japanese cookbook called “Let’s Cooking” was scholarly, she fell into a gig as the Japanese co-host of “One World Kitchen” on Gusto TV.  Now she spends days in the Science World exhibit design studio and nights at the pub, analyzing global influences on Japanese food.


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