Nerd Nite v.35

Greetings nerdlings, we’re back this month with so much fun stuff. Kaylee is still in Sri Lanka escaping giant spiders and other death traps, but local DJ impresario and bon vivant Trevor Risk is stepping up to not only co-host with Michael this month but also DJ the night. If you were at last Nerd Nite you learned about the history of Nerd Nite speaker gender ratios and how it’s at 48% female even though the population of Vancouver is 51% female, so this month we have three amazing female nerds to nerd out with us including one that is going to talk about ratios. So come with a nerd friend, or come solo and meet new nerd friends, we need you!

Where: The Fox Cabaret

When: Wednesday April 25th; Doors @ 7

Tickets: Eventbrite


This month we feature:

1. Chemistry

Chantal Mustoe

Bio: Chantal is a PhD student at UBC in the Department of Chemistry. She loves chemistry, spectroscopy, and animals. Also the ChemEditor and part of the and outreach teams. Occasionally found chlorinated in a local pool.

2.  Ratios

Lisa Christiansen

Bio: Lisa is the On the Coast traffic and music reporter on CBC Radio One Vancouver. She is a former Polaris Music Prize grand juror and host of CBC Radio 3’s Appetite for Distraction. She is the co-host of the podcast Pop This: Lover of bad pop and good metal.


3. The Deep ‘Cities of Glass’ in Howe Sound

Sheila Byers

About 30 years ago, scientists were astounded by the discovery of glass sponge reefs off Haida Gwaii in northern BC. Glass sponges are filter-feeding marine animals with skeletons made almost entirely of glass, but they were thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago. More recently, glass sponge reefs have been discovered and mapped in Howe Sound by the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society. Dive to the depths of Howe Sound with Sheila to learn about these fragile reefs, their unique ecosystem, ecological services and why they need to be protected.

Bio: Sheila is a registered professional biologist, marine biologist and Museum Interpreter at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC. She is the past President and a current Director of the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society that strives for the establishment of marine sanctuaries to protect marine life, with the present focus on the protection of the glass sponge reef ecosystems in Howe Sound.

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