Nerd Nite v.37

Well here we are, the planet is tilting back towards the sun, and lo and behold here in our north-west corner of the continent it’s actually warming the weather. Granted there is that thing that’s warming the entire planet, but as good science communicators we know there’s a big difference between weather and climate right? In this month of June, named for the Roman God Juno, we have our final Nerd Nite before we take our summer hiatus. This month we have one of UBC’s top instructors, zoologist Greg Bole co-hosting with Michael on the topics of Quantum Computing, Science Communication, and Planet Formation. We’re hitting science hard this month, but this is no university lecture, this is science with beer and friends, get in here!

Where: The Fox Cabaret

When: Wednesday June 20th; Doors @ 7, show starts @ 7:30

Tickets: Eventbrite

This month we feature:

1. Nik Hartman- “Quantum Computing”

2. David Ng – “Science Communication”

3. Nienke Van Der Marel – “Planet Formation”

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