SciFact vs. SciFiction: Nerd Nite Goes to the Movies v3. Disasters

VIFF and Nerd Nite’s movie series is back! This time we’ll focus on disaster and apocalyptic themes with geophysicist, disaster researcher, and sci-fi scientist Mika McKinnon. Tonight she’ll join Kaylee and Michael from Nerd Nite to discuss the sci-facts in a variety of clips from movies that cover topics from a variety doomsday scenarios. We’ll be discussing the science of movies like Mad Max, The Day After Tomorrow, and Sharknado!? Buckle up.

When: Aug 14

Where: Vancouver International Film Centre

When: 7:30 – 9:00 – This talk will be followed by a screening of Errol Morris’ “A Brief History of Time” at 9:30 pm. Double bill price: $20

Tickets: Here

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