Happy Solstice Nerds! 2018 has been a wonderful one for Nerd Nite. On one hand we watched Kaylee take her science career to the next level by going to Sri Lanka, but we also got to see so many amazing co-hosts save Michael from making a fool of himself. So just like last year we’re inviting all of our speakers, and guest hosts back to our show to celebrate a year of nerdiness. We’re going to have a nice nerd time with them, and we’d like all of you to be there too. A few of them will be taking the stage to play POWERPOINT ROULETTE. They’ll be coming up to deliver short presentations they will have never seen before. Last year was a blast, and we have some spots left for eager audience members to play too! Email us at

Where: The Fox Cabaret

When: Wednesday December 19th; Doors @ 7, show starts @ 7:30

Tickets: Eventbrite


Playing with us will be:

Dr. Carin Bondar – Sept speaker

Desiree Nielsen, RD – Feb speaker

Robin Coope – Feb speaker

Devyani Singh – May speaker

Mary Glasper – Nov speaker

We also are super excited to have You Tube scientist Kurits Baute with us to give a classic Nerd Nite talk!

Bio: Whimsical Scientist – I sealed myself in a DIY biodome, measured the world with my bike, and built a digital camera from scratch. Ⓥ, MSc, He/Him


Join us for a night of fun as we celebrate our amazing #nerdherd community!