Greetings Vancouver Nerds. We are now in MMXIX. What are we going to do this year? Yes, we. We want to learn with you, we want to laugh with you, we want to meet you. If you’ve been coming to Nerd Nite before you know that we actively pursue knowledge not from the ether but from you, the nerd community. We’ve already heard stories of people becoming friends and more at Nerd Nite, which only strenghthens our community. We have no objective but to learn, and laugh, and drink. If you see a fellow Nerd Niter on the street greet with them a LLAP sign, flash them your vampire stake tucked in your pants, so say we all. This month, fuck resolutions, let’s just be better citizens on this planet by getting smarter together. Get in here.

Poster by: Armin Mortazavi IG: @armin_mortazavi

Where: The Fox Cabaret

When: Wednesday January 23rd; Doors @ 7, show starts @ 7:30

Tickets: Eventbrite


1. Radon

Anne-Marie Nicol 

Bio: Anne-Marie Nicol is an associate professor in Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and a Knowledge Translation Scientist at the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH). Anne-Marie began her academic career in the social sciences at SFU (Communications BA) and then developed a strong interest in environmental and occupational health during her Master’s degree at York University (MES). She completed her PhD in Epidemiology at UBC. At SFU, she teaches Human Health Risk Assessment as well as Health Communication and Public Health Toxicology.

2. Becoming an Astronaut

Michael Koehle 

Bio: Michel is a Physician-Scientist and Associate Professor, practising Sport and Exercise Medicine – Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic at the University of British Columbia / Director of the Environmental Physiology Laboratory – University of British Columbia – My job is a mix of research, teaching and clinical medicine. Our research group’s main research area is studying the human adaptation to different environments.

3. Kate McLeod 

Prison Health

Bio: Kate joined the Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education in September 2017. She is currently the evaluator on a 5-year project focused on participatory approaches to preventing sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections among federally incarcerated men in BC. Kate is pursuing her PhD at UBC in the School of Population and Public Health and is one of UBC’s Public Scholars.